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Founded in 1972, Emerald Management and Realty Ltd. has offered services in the greater Calgary real estate market for more than 35 years.

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Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. has managed rental properties for owners and investors for more than 40 years. Dedicated to ensuring that all properties remain in consistent good repair, the staff at Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. draws on an in-depth knowledge of water leaks.

Here is a basic tip for dealing with a water leak in your home:

The first thing to do in this situation is to try and find the source of the leak. You may be able to do this by shining a light on the joints of pipes and at places where supply lines carry water into appliances or fixtures. You can also look for water stains, mildew growth, or peeling material at the bottoms of cabinets where you suspect water may be dripping.

When you do find a water leak, the first thing you need to do is to shut off the water supply to the leaking pipe or joint. You may also need to turn off your main water valve, depending on whether or not the local shutoff is able to stop the active leaking. Then, to ensure your safety and that of your household, you should unplug nearby electrical appliances until the leak is resolved.

A licensed and experienced plumber should be the one to fix the leak, just as any electrical damage from the leak should receive the attention of a professional electrician. A call to a water removal professional may be necessary if there is standing water or an in-depth mildew response is required, though you may be able to remove some of the water on your own.

Event a little water leak can mean big trouble. The sooner you can source the location of the leak and address the bigger problem, the better.

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Property Management

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. has more than 35 years of experience providing property management services for investors. Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. manages several types of properties, including rental houses, apartments, condominiums, and commercial buildings. To have a successful career in property management, individuals need a range of skills.

For many people, attaining a certification in real estate or property management can be very helpful, especially if their aim is working in a well-established property management firm. However, individuals also can acquire most of the essential knowledge through on-the-job experiences. Although contractors will handle the actual work, having a basic knowledge of building repairs and maintenance is vital for pricing and quality assurance purposes. Property managers also must be able to inspect properties and identify maintenance needs and safety issues.

Since property managers deal with residents, contractors, and others, they must have excellent abilities in building relationships with people. In addition, property managers must keep track of rent payments and cash flow and thus need to have solid financial skills.

While the field of property management isn’t for everyone, those that enjoy problem solving and assisting people obtain results, this can be a very rewarding career. The opportunity to be hands-on and deal with a variety of challenges can be very rewarding in seeing projects from implementation to completion. From maintaining safe and attractive properties to arranging financing for major renovations, each day is varied as the people and properties being dealt with.

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Emerald Management & Realty Ltd., provides property management and rental services for Calgary houses, apartments and properties in Alberta, Canada. Dedicated to working closely with property owners and fulfilling their obligations while monitoring renter expectations, Emerald Management & Realty Ltd., also encourages tenants to acquire tenants’ insurance. While landlord insurance policies may cover some expenses, tenants’ insurance remains important for a number of reasons. Currently, the Residential Tenancy Act in Alberta does not require that a tenant have insurance and while Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. can not guarantee what a tenant will or will not do, tenant insurance is still great peace of mind for tenants for some of the following reasons:

1. Protect personal belongings. Typically, landlord insurance coverages protects the property and landlord against structural damage and personal liability in the event an individual sustains an injury while on the property. However, these policies do not protect tenants’ personal possessions against theft or accidents such as fire or flooding.

2. Avoid replacement costs. Expenses for uninsured possessions that require replacement fall solely on the tenant. Even small and inexpensive items can add up depending upon the extent of the damage or possessions lost, especially if credit is owed on lost items. Since tenants’ insurance is relatively low-cost, it can save tenants a considerable amount on possession replacement costs.

3. Secure displacement protection. In the event that your unit or dwelling becomes uninhabitable due to fire or other extensive damages, landlords are not required to pay for expenses involved in finding temporary housing. Individuals with tenants’ insurance may have these expenses covered for them by the insurance provider, including moving costs.

The above are just a few examples of the benefits of tenant rental insurance. Again for peace of mind for the tenant – the cost is nominal and well worth serious consideration.

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Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. provides quality rental properties in the Calgary, Alberta, area. In addition, Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. offers full-service property management services for multiple property types, including condominiums. The company also makes clients aware of the value of a strong board of directors in condominium communities.

For condominium communities, a board of directors is a governing body elected by condo owners. The board has responsibility for running the corporation and managing the property, which they may outsource to professional property managers. Proactive boards arrange for routine inspections and set priorities for repairs and improvements. In addition, the board addresses issues that arise within the community, such as building damage or disruptive residents.

In condominium communities, owners pay an annual fee to fund repairs and other necessities. Establishing an annual budget, setting the yearly fee, and handling the condo association’s financial resources are other focus areas for the board.

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Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. strives for excellence in its property management functions. Among the services Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. performs is overseeing the running administration of condominium properties.

Professional management offers many advantages to condominium boards, owners and residents. Running a condominium is a large task that can be substantially simplified with the assistance of an experienced management company. Instead of the condominium corporation having to hire individual contractors or find volunteers to perform tasks, processes that are often difficult and result in delays in service, a management company can handle all or some aspects of the condominium’s operations, depending on the corporation’s or owners’ needs.

For example, the company can handle financial activities, which can include keeping careful records of the property’s expenses and handling the collection of monthly contributions and fees. The company can also work with the board to put together a budget designed to help keep the condominium running smoothly. Additionally, the management company can supervise repair work and maintenance, negotiate utilities contracts, and make necessary purchases. All of these activities help ensure that residents and owners are satisfied with how the condominium is run and its long-term outlook as an investment and place to live.

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