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Founded in 1972, Emerald Management and Realty Ltd. has offered services in the greater Calgary real estate market for more than 35 years.

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Emerald Management & Realty Ltd

For more than four decades, Emerald Management & Realty, Ltd., has been providing rental property services to national, local, and international investors. With experience in single-family homes, condos, and apartments, Emerald Management & Realty, Ltd., ensures that properties and residents stay safe.

Security is everyone’s responsibility. Please help yourself and your neighbors stay safe in your homes by considering some of the following basic safety measures in your house, condo or apartment building:

If you don’t know them … don’t let them in: No one should follow you in the front door and/or into the parkade without request. The same applies to your intercom or your own personal front door: if you don’t know them – don’t let them in. If you see someone that doesn’t belong, please take note. Contractors should all have identification and able to show this to you — we can’t imagine anyone that would mind providing proof when respectfully asked if they belong in the building or on the property.

Check the locks: Make sure that doors lock after you’ve entered or exited. Further, check your window locks to make sure they work properly.

Meet the neighbors: Residents who know the people in their building or on their block, are better able to spot strangers. Being familiar with neighbors also makes it easier to look out for one another by watching a neighbor’s space or pets when they are gone.

Get a safe: If a burglar gets into an apartment, condo or house, a secure safe may be the only other way to protect valuables. Safes can be purchased in a variety of sizes and for varying prices. Using a safe is also great for hiding possessions in smaller areas around the apartment.

Suspicious activity should always be reported to the non-emergency police line at 403-266-1234. If a break in is imminent and/or in progress – call 911. If you have been broken into, please report it to the police – call 911 and let your property manager know what has taken place.

Being mindful of the above steps along with the awareness of surroundings, can go a long way in the prevention of crimes and property break-ins.

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Small Space

With more than four decades of experience in the arena of property management, Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. maintains a range of commercial and residential properties in Calgary, Canada. Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. encourages tenants to decorate their spaces to make them feel more at home.

For those living in small spaces, home decorating can seem daunting when trying to maximize every square foot. However, with a little creativity a small space can be attractive, comfortable, and functional. Here are a few tips for buying furniture for small spaces.

1. To maximize the space of a small home, consider purchasing pieces that can be used in multiple ways and that offer storage. For instance, some kinds of ottomans can be used as either a footstool or a coffee table while doubling as storage for blankets or other items.

2. When considering furniture purchases, make sure to measure the space before shopping to determine the correct size of your new furnishings. Buy items that actually fit the space; otherwise they overpower the room and make it look even smaller than it already is.

3. Finally, don’t forget about vertical spaces. Pieces that extend toward the ceiling, like bookshelves, lighting, and art pieces, redirects the focus of the room and can make the space appear more spacious. Taller shelving can also provide additional storage and added functionality to a smaller space.

Whether you live in a cozy studio apartment or want to get more out of a small room or cozy nook, these simple three tips can help create the feeling of more space regardless of the size of your home.

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Emerald Management & Realty Ltd

Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. has managed rental properties for owners and investors for more than 40 years. Dedicated to ensuring that all properties remain in consistent good repair, the staff at Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. draws on an in-depth knowledge of water leaks.

Here is a basic tip for dealing with a water leak in your home:

The first thing to do in this situation is to try and find the source of the leak. You may be able to do this by shining a light on the joints of pipes and at places where supply lines carry water into appliances or fixtures. You can also look for water stains, mildew growth, or peeling material at the bottoms of cabinets where you suspect water may be dripping.

When you do find a water leak, the first thing you need to do is to shut off the water supply to the leaking pipe or joint. You may also need to turn off your main water valve, depending on whether or not the local shutoff is able to stop the active leaking. Then, to ensure your safety and that of your household, you should unplug nearby electrical appliances until the leak is resolved.

A licensed and experienced plumber should be the one to fix the leak, just as any electrical damage from the leak should receive the attention of a professional electrician. A call to a water removal professional may be necessary if there is standing water or an in-depth mildew response is required, though you may be able to remove some of the water on your own.

Event a little water leak can mean big trouble. The sooner you can source the location of the leak and address the bigger problem, the better.

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